Jan. 1st, 2010

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Same thing we do every year Pinky, Try to do more stuff than we have time for! But God almighty it's fun to try!

My progress on my what did I do list from last year was pretty impressive for me. I got lots of stuff done and I got a lot of satisfaction out of the projects. This did not even begin to list the SCA events I went to and had a ball at. I learned new things and tried new things.

I will once again start an accounting of my activities for 2010 but it will be dated 12/31/2010 so that it rests at the top of my journal. You are welcome to peep in on it if you like as the year progresses to follow my state of insanity and time sink.

And to that end I wish you all happy 2010!
May all your projects get done on time,
may you garner many, many, Oooos and Ah's for your accomplishments,
and may you also learn many cool things that will enhance your historical projects and make you uber interesting at cocktail parties!

After all, I'm the go to girl at work for medieval answers on crossword puzzles! LOL!


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