May. 21st, 2010

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My son has been in the hospital this week for back surgery. Not the first time we've done time at the hospital and it probably won't be the last. I have learned that one should always take something to do while sitting...and waiting, because there is ALWAYS a lot of waiting. Always.

After reading some random knitting site, I saw a free pattern for knitted lace. I'm always a fan of free patterns and after some digging found I had everything on hand to give this a go. Why not? I have no impending need for knitted lace but heck I love a challenge and what better excuse to start a new project than being with the son in the hospital?

free pattern - check
knitting needles, size 00 - check
rubber caps for the double pointed needles - check
old ball of cotton crochet thread - check
Posty notes to mark the rows - check

Due to the fact that I got interrupted in the middle of rows and lost my place about 15 times, I have finally started to show some progress. It's actually quite fun! Knitting lace is a little like magic. The pattern gives no real hint of how it will work until you've done at lease two repeats of the group of rows. Then all of a sudden you look down and you have lace! Pretty cool!

Here are some photos of where I am so far - your connection will thank me )


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