Jul. 5th, 2010

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Today I have been sorting out all the sundry bags/baskets/boxes etc that my garb & accessories end up in after events. It's everywhere. It's no wonder I can never find anything. I seriously need to put my stuff away when I'm done with it.

Now that everything is matched up I've found I only need to make a few things. If I do, all my outfits will have dedicated parts with no double duty required. This is a good thing when attending Pennsic for a week.

1 under-dress for a viking hangerock.
1 under-dress for a wool tunic gown.
1 new pair of pants for my old Persian.
1 or 2 pairs of men's pants to wear with the 2 men's tunics I have. (good for archery)

I can always use, and are on the list:
Linen chemises (extra clean underwear can make Pennsic heat bearable)
extra pairs of linen hosen (see above reason but for legs)
extra viking caps (see above, above reason but for hair)
A new pilgrim bag (not desperate but it would be nice to have.)
A silk veil since I lost my last one. (only God knows where)

Back to the project station. It ain't makin' itself!
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After all the clearing I have been doing the past weeks I decided to work on all the orphan projects I have accumulated. You know the ones, those poor projects that, by no fault of their own, lost the bloom of the initial thrill, were started, then orphaned to the project basket of shame.

This one was rescued from oblivion because I really do like it. The pattern is "Summer Cotton Bag" by Jeanne Shrader of the "Knitting Addiction" shop in Southern Shores, NC. (but according to the website have now moved down the road.)


The yarn is...well, I've had it started for over a year and cannot remember what the yarn is. *face*palm* but it's knitted with two strands together of 100% cotton, one is cream the other is a pastel yarn with little fuzzy dots along the yarn.

Here be the orphan no more! )


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