Aug. 4th, 2010

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Let's start from the beginning, because as most of my projects do, they spring from impetuousness and not from any real planning on my part.

This year at Pennsic I volunteered to help at the Children's Fete. This is a HUGE activity that Atlantia sponsors for the under 12 set. There are activities and games and whack a fighters and bouncy castles etc. It was started by Her Grace Duchess Arielle the Golden who is no longer with us. She passed away last summer from breast cancer.

This year those who are running the Fete asked the volunteers to wear pink in honor of Her Grace.

Ok I can do that but what to make? I have nothing in pink or rose. I was loath to make a "pink" thing and have no where else to wear it. A one trick pony. In my time geeking on the internet I came upon a British Library website that has a facsimile of the Luttrell Psalter.

In it are ladies wearing Rose colored gowns! Well Dang! I can make that type of gown! (Lets say up front I'm not a costumer.)

While checking out the styles I noticed the aprons the women are wearing. Hmmm I've seen those before. Then it hits me, Griele my apprentice sister made one! And her's is really nice. So after a bit of research, less than $5.00 in materials and 15 hours of time (because I am inefficient and slow) I now have achieved this-

I know about the dots. I hope they wash out, If not, eh. This is a work apron. It was worn in the fields. I'm good with it because it's done and looks like the more photo here )

I don't have the gown done yet but will post pictures when it is all complete.


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