Aug. 25th, 2010

martelvonc: (Luttrell Psalter)
I made my sleeveless Luttrell Psalter gown for Pennsic. Problem is, I made it too big. I over estimated the size of my bits, and my height. Yes, I did indeed measure my a fore mentioned bits, and measured the fabric. I have no idea what went wrong.

Tonight I took the darn thing apart and took in the shoulders and shortened it. I still like it for a first effort. I will still be able to wear it and enjoy it after I fix it. This means extra work but it is not a disaster.

The next plan is to remake it in linen and in wool. This is once I get the bugs worked out of the pattern. How can something so simple be so hard? Oh yea, I forgot, I'm not a costumer...*face*palm*.

I will freely admit I suck at making a pattern. Give me a pattern and I can sew the heck out of it. But designing my own? Not so much.

In my little world I do have flashes of brilliance - I made the apron for this outfit, "boom" like that. No thought and it came out right the first time. The gown? Truly a labor of love. Heavy on the labor...


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