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As we all do when we return from a major event like Pennsic, our minds turn to how we could make it better for ourselves next time.

Did we take too much?
Did we take useless items?
Could we use new items?
Do old items need to be replaced or reworked?
Did someone else have something cool we want too?

I myself have a few that I plan to work on -

1) a linen fighting shirt with wider sleeves than the cotton one I wore.
The sleeves were not an issue until I sprained my finger and it became hard to cram my hand in close openings.
2) my own armor.
The guys in camp cobbled together a set of inspection worthy armor for me so I could do siege all week. I had my own helm, boots and knee pads but that was all.
3) a personal banner.
I won't be baroness by next pennsic and I don't own one.
4) a heraldic surcoat to wear on the battle field. see #3.
5) a bolster pillow for my new chair.
I am a "leaner" and my chair is too wide to lean on the sides.
6) a single rug for the floor of my tent.
The small cotton rugs I had this year were very nice to have underfoot but they did crumple up and I was always straightening them out.
7) a wooden trestle table to replace the plastic one I bring.
8) a more efficient packing list.
I brought a lot of garb & accessories I did not need.
9) better garb enough said
10) look for a small, wooden, personal table to have in my tent.
The 4' plastic banquet table was nice but a bit too big.
11) a small stool to sit at #10 with.
12) a camp wall section with my device on it to shield my tent from the road when I'm on that side.

More to be added later today.....

Date: 2010-08-17 11:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The January/February 2010 issue of Herald's Point has a pattern for a heraldic tabard, but I don't see why it couldn't be modified for a fighter. Of course, you would have to do something about that device of yours ... maybe put it on the sleeves and put Bright Hills' device on the front and back? Does your barony have a fighting team?


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