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I now have a pseudo girl cave, heavy on the cave part.

After we cleared out the rubbish, and moved all the appropriate stuff in to the shed, I moved my craft stuff/sewing into the back room where the light is much better, but it is the laundry/work area. I still need to make some decisions about how things are arraigned but I now have a decent work space. It's not glamorous but it is very functional and easy to sweep.

Today I put away sundry stuff and am going to finish an insulated curtain panel I purchased for the bed room. We have one regular window and one very small window. This job is to take one 84" long panel, cut it in half and it will cover this small window nicely.

Organization today has included separating out projects-in-process into two baskets - SCA and modern. There is a lot of mending included in both baskets.

Most of this "nesting" is in preparation for when I step down from being Bright Hills Baroness on Feb. 12th. When I don't have other responsibilities weighing on my mind I will be able to turn my eye back to my SCA A&S work. I miss devoting endless hours to it. :-) I promised the family I would not be volunteering for anything (much) for a while. Does teaching various A&S classes count? hehehe!

Well, back to the cave. The curtain-less window is calling for clothes!
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