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Hi dee ho readers!

I have in fact been reading here everyday even if I do not post in my own journal. I just love to read about other folks projects.

But what have "I" been doing? quite a bit actually...

*Working on a knit cap for a Christmas gift, almost done, maybe tonight.
*STILL working on the baby sweater which I hope to have completed this weekend.
*Still working on my nalbinded socks, but one is DONE and I am working on the cuff of the second. I will have warm feet at events yet!
*dipped 25 pairs of candles for an ETSY order.
*cleared out most of my 2010 filing in preparation for taxes. (Ok this is not strictly a craft project but it did NEED to be done)
*Sewed the buttons on to a Laurel hood with only the button holes to complete.
*Cut out a 14th century gown that I hope to complete for my stepping down in Feb.
*started work on the new baronial heraldic cloaks also to be completed for investiture in Feb.

Oh yea, and if the KMoAS is okay with it, I will be taking over the office of MoAS for Bright Hills when I step down as baroness, like that night, at court. What?!?! Our current MoAS needs to step down and I've done this office before and as EVERYBODY knows it's best for everyone if I am kept busy.

Just remember - a bored Martelle is the devils playground.
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