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The end of 2010. It is almost upon us.

2010 has been a pretty good year for me. I worked on projects. Got some finished and some not so much, but none that were disasters. I've had fun in my strange little SCA hobby. I've met many good people, and had many belly laughs with them.

Now a big change comes for me in 2011. I hope I will navigate it well. I will be stepping down as Baroness of Bright Hills February 12th. This has consumed my life and weekends for 4 years. I almost forget what it's like to be *me* and not *Bright Hills*.
Am I still here?
Will my personality come out again?
Will people remember the *old* me?
Will they still like the *old* me?

Oh, I have friends and activities that I enjoy and will not lose. Arts & Sciences, Archery, embroidery, weaving, knitting, nalbinding, sewing, candle-making, siege crew, maybe getting a sword & board authorization, and hopefully brewing of my own hard cider.

My current plan is to acquire a new personal day shade to which I can retire at events. Yes, I suspect I will always be welcome under the baronial pavilion but I think I need to step away for a little bit to find myself again. To give more of myself to my apprentices. To find out what direction they want to go in. Am I still relevant to them?

The friends I have made these past years will always be welcome under my shade, to have a seat, to laugh and to partake of a little hospitality. I hope they know they can always depend on me and call on me if they have need.

I've been fortunate to see the beginning of a new baronial canton. I hope I have left them with enthusiasm and a sense of belonging to their own group. They are good people and I look forward to helping them on their journey to becoming a full canton.

Most of all I hope I am able to stay out of the way and be graceful in my retirement as landed baronage of Bright Hills. I will no longer be a representative of the Crown. I will need to embrace my set aside role as being a peer of Atlantia now.

So many much time ahead!
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