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Tonight I finally put on my big Laurel panties and started to attach the applique's that make up the Bright Hills device on the new baronial cloaks. I was scared to death to commit them as they will be permanent. There will be no going back.

Our design is a traditional half circle cope.

The pieces are attached in a secure but non-medieval manner using a fantastic fusion material I purchased by the yard at Jo-Ann's. They look very nice right now. I want to purchase sartouche braid in silver if I can find it. I have the gold for the laurel wreath but I'd like to outline the white bits in silver.

The roundels for the baronial awards and Spike are out being embroidered as we speak. I'm hoping to have some of them attached by Investiture. If not that's okay. We will be working on these cloaks for quite sometime as there is a lot of embroidery and bead work that still needs to be done.

So far all of the materials have been donated to the project even though the barony has approved expenditures for the cloak. I'll submit receipts for the pearls and beads when the time comes.

So that I remember for the baronial records:
Mistress Anne of Hatfield - heavy black linen (main body of cloak)
Mistress Martelle von Charlottenburg - white linen, gold linen, aida fabric & for roundels, gold sartouche braid,
Barony of Bright Hills - embroidery floss, fushion material,

Embroiderers -
Lady Taira no Aikiyo - 1-Silver Scroll, 1-Augean Stable
Lady Michelle England - 4-Spike (populace badge of Atlantia)
Mistress Martelle von Charlottenburg - 2-Heart of the Oak,
M'Lady Rebecca of Green Lion Bay - 4-Job, 4-Shell & Crescent
Lady Wynne ferch Rhodri ap Hwyell 4-Silberberg

To be updated as we go....
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