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In my efforts to clear out, I am working on orphan projects so they do not whine at me any longer from the basket.

I started to knit a cotton shopping bag last December at Unevent. When combined with serious rotator cuff pain while I was trying to concentrate on stitch count accuracy that weekend, and not understanding how to make this increase, it ended up being full of fail. It ended up being, as I've posted, an "orphan project".

It is a pattern from "Oat Couture, natural knitting", "Stow-Away Shopping Bag" (AC306)

Unfortunately it meant pulling apart the entire work done and starting over, it was that full of fail. Thank goodness cotton yarn is VERY forgiving. I balled up the yarn, put on my big knitter panties and got to work. Ah but I was now at the point to make the first increase. This was a major problem the first time. So I went to the great knitting oracle and found a nice tutorial.

Whoo hoo! After seeing the following You Tube video I finally "get" how to Make 3! This is an important increase stitch for my shopping bag. All will now be right in world!

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After all the clearing I have been doing the past weeks I decided to work on all the orphan projects I have accumulated. You know the ones, those poor projects that, by no fault of their own, lost the bloom of the initial thrill, were started, then orphaned to the project basket of shame.

This one was rescued from oblivion because I really do like it. The pattern is "Summer Cotton Bag" by Jeanne Shrader of the "Knitting Addiction" shop in Southern Shores, NC. (but according to the website have now moved down the road.)

The yarn is...well, I've had it started for over a year and cannot remember what the yarn is. *face*palm* but it's knitted with two strands together of 100% cotton, one is cream the other is a pastel yarn with little fuzzy dots along the yarn.

Here be the orphan no more! )
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Today I have been sorting out all the sundry bags/baskets/boxes etc that my garb & accessories end up in after events. It's everywhere. It's no wonder I can never find anything. I seriously need to put my stuff away when I'm done with it.

Now that everything is matched up I've found I only need to make a few things. If I do, all my outfits will have dedicated parts with no double duty required. This is a good thing when attending Pennsic for a week.

1 under-dress for a viking hangerock.
1 under-dress for a wool tunic gown.
1 new pair of pants for my old Persian.
1 or 2 pairs of men's pants to wear with the 2 men's tunics I have. (good for archery)

I can always use, and are on the list:
Linen chemises (extra clean underwear can make Pennsic heat bearable)
extra pairs of linen hosen (see above reason but for legs)
extra viking caps (see above, above reason but for hair)
A new pilgrim bag (not desperate but it would be nice to have.)
A silk veil since I lost my last one. (only God knows where)

Back to the project station. It ain't makin' itself!
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Well sort of.

Technically I have plenty of garb for one week of Pennsic and not have to visit the town laundromat, but I would still like to have something new. I've got plenty of fabric so there is no additional cost involved with this project. The hard part is deciding what to make.

I can always use a new viking outfit and I have some nice wool to make the hangerock. This would also mean restringing some of my beads as I have a few broken strings.

Or....It would be nice to have some boy clothes to shoot archery in. At the least I can always make a couple of spare simple tunics to wear under other things. I wonder if I have enough of a heavy fabric to make a new pilgrim bag?

So I guess I know what I will be doing this holiday weekend - sorting out the fabric bin!
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Yesterday I finished a pouch made with the new stitch Mistress Sigrid taught me Friday evening. It makes an entirely different fabric than the first one she taught me which I believe was the Oslo stitch.

This stitch worked up incredibly faster that the socks are going because the stitches are larger. It also makes a thicker fabric. The drawstring is made with a simple 4 bow finger loop braid. The wool is Lambs Pride Worsted.

Here are some photos of the pouch and where I am with the socks -

More wooly goodness. )
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My son has been in the hospital this week for back surgery. Not the first time we've done time at the hospital and it probably won't be the last. I have learned that one should always take something to do while sitting...and waiting, because there is ALWAYS a lot of waiting. Always.

After reading some random knitting site, I saw a free pattern for knitted lace. I'm always a fan of free patterns and after some digging found I had everything on hand to give this a go. Why not? I have no impending need for knitted lace but heck I love a challenge and what better excuse to start a new project than being with the son in the hospital?

free pattern - check
knitting needles, size 00 - check
rubber caps for the double pointed needles - check
old ball of cotton crochet thread - check
Posty notes to mark the rows - check

Due to the fact that I got interrupted in the middle of rows and lost my place about 15 times, I have finally started to show some progress. It's actually quite fun! Knitting lace is a little like magic. The pattern gives no real hint of how it will work until you've done at lease two repeats of the group of rows. Then all of a sudden you look down and you have lace! Pretty cool!

Here are some photos of where I am so far - your connection will thank me )
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Yesterday I went to the Baltimore Bowmen Traditional Classic. All traditional archery all weekend! Squee!

I've been trying to get to this event for a number of years but there was always something else I had to do this particular weekend. This year I put my foot down and said NO! I'm going!. So I did.

There was so much to do and see, from two woods shoots, to a kids shoot, to an adults pendulum, lollipop shoot (courtesy of the BH archery program since we have a target shed there), vendors, and some of the best pit beef and chicken cooked over live coals I've had in some time. I also got to hang with my archery buds and laugh, and shoot, and have an all over good time.

The best part of my day was one of the main reasons I went to BBTC and that was to purchase a new BOW! I've been happily shooting a 25# recurve I got on Ebay for about 3 years now. I've had plenty of fun with it mind you but I was ready to move up to a big girl bow. After much searching and keeping in mind all the things Seamus, Janyn, and Godai told me, I found a sweet 62" Long Bow that is 31# at 28" from Elk Ridge Archery.

It shoots very nicely and is laminated on the outside with beautiful birds eye maple and has antler, string nocks. I purchased it early and then proceeded to shoot with it the rest of the day. I must say what a difference a decent bow makes. My accuracy noticeably improved even without settling in to the bow. This bow is also lighter that my old bow which is also a plus.

I need to root out the camera and I'll post photos later.

But once again *squee!!!
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My shopping list for this years MDS&W (and yes, I MUST have a list to stick to so I don't bankrupt the family) was to purchase 1)only a little bit of yarn (accomplished) and 2)a drop spindle and some roving so I can attempt to make my own yarn for a nalbinding project.

I was not sure about this foray into spinning and while there were many many beautiful spindles to be had, I ended up getting lucky and picking one up for a song in the auction on Saturday. It's a topish whirl spindle that works nicely. Better to try it out on a more affordable spindle, find out if I like it, then move on to the shiny ones! :-)

After looking at all the vendors and not being too excited about the color choices in roving I found a booth in the main hall for Aboundingful Farms. They raise Icelandic Sheep in Palmyra, PA. Their roving was all natural colored and still smelled of lanolin. I love that smell and am always disappointed when yarn has it all processed out.

So I've been playing with spinning this afternoon. It's not going too badly for someone who has never done any meaningful spinning. I only wish I knew what hand spun Icelandic yarn should look like. Mine is a bit fuzzy. It's not smooth like the commercial yarn I'm used too. Is this a fuzzy wool? It's not unpleasant looking but I just just don't have a reference to know how badly or well I'm doing.

So for now I will continue to work on my tension and spin up the roving I have, then see if I can purchase more as I like the Icelandic colors very much.
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I've moved on from "Day of Dance" in Jan., Baronial Birthday in Feb. and KASF in March, on to my latest Sooper Sekrit Projekt.,

It is fully constructed and now the embroidery work begins in ernest. I'm very excited about this project as it is pretty cool. Even I don't own one of these. A definite case of the cobbler going barefoot! LOL! I can't say anything specific just yet but will post pictures when the time comes.

I've wanted to do a project like this for quite sometime and this opportunity gave me the chance. The best part? I was given free reign with only a deadline. Money was no object! MWA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Okay maybe money was a little bit of an object but I donated the wool and someone else donated the rest.

So back to work as it ain't makin' itself!
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I've been working on my braids and kumihimo lately. Atlantia needed medallion cords and we needed something to do! So the barony has been in braid mode making various and sundry braids that I'm converting into medallion cords with clasps. We've sent off 24 cords so far.

It's a win/win for everyone! Kingdom gets what they need and we get to burn off nervous winter energy! Because as EVERYONE knows a bored Bright Hillian is ME! LOL!!

This has also been an opportunity for us to learn new skills that are useful in our SCA lives. As you can see from my previous post this project has forced me to learn a skill that has illuded me for some number of years. I'm pretty excited!
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and that burning smell is my brain working it.

After much frustration I can FINALLY now do simple fingerloop braiding. Now it's only a 4 loop spiral but I can produce a decent braid. With only two moves and no walking of the cords down my fingers it is still a struggle. The breakthrough came with a class I took at the Barony of Lochmere Mid-Winter Revel last month. I was able to learn this simple braid.

Incredulously enough, I can knit, crochet, lucet, embroider, tablet weave, kumihimo all while holding a conversation. Finger loop braid is so hard for me that any distraction to my two move rhythm causes me to get lost. It's a brain/body coordination thing for me. My body is the tool making the braid. All my other crafts use "holders" for the work. I can feel my brain struggling with the pattern, the movements, and getting my body to pull it all together.

For now this is good enough and I am happy!
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Actually I am. But I've just been lazy about posting. :-)

This month I have been knitting fingerless mittens. Nothing exciting or complicated. Just a simple rectangle in stockinette, slightly fitted, folded in half, sewn up to the thumb, then down to the thumb to leave a hole for said thumb. Done!

I made a pair for me and had half a ball of yarn left, so I made a second pair and gave them away cause' I only wanted one pair in any particular color of yarn. I am now knitting a pair for The Knight who saw the pairs I had already made and said "make a pair for me?" Fortunately I found a loverly ball of camel/tan baby alpaca that I had on hand (ar ar ar knitting humor)and have been knitting away. Last night I started them and am 2/3 of the way through the first mitten already. He will have soft fuzzy goodness by the weekend.

Due to the size of The Knights hands, being a guy, I may or may not have enough yarn left on the ball to make a second pair. I already know who I will give the 2nd pair to if this is the case. Stay tuned and be surprised!

I should be working on new Persian garb but I am not. Slacker! I did advise someone on Persian garb this month and if she is able to make hers I will live vicariously through her new garb and just wear my old Persian outfit.

The barony is being prepared for the process of polling for my replacement. It's about a 7 month process and the time is quickly sneaking up on us. I step down Feb. of 2011. As I've been telling folks, "I feel a cough coming on and may need to take in the waters at Lourdes"

So there it is the start of 2010. Stay tuned for more foolishness and mayhem.
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Same thing we do every year Pinky, Try to do more stuff than we have time for! But God almighty it's fun to try!

My progress on my what did I do list from last year was pretty impressive for me. I got lots of stuff done and I got a lot of satisfaction out of the projects. This did not even begin to list the SCA events I went to and had a ball at. I learned new things and tried new things.

I will once again start an accounting of my activities for 2010 but it will be dated 12/31/2010 so that it rests at the top of my journal. You are welcome to peep in on it if you like as the year progresses to follow my state of insanity and time sink.

And to that end I wish you all happy 2010!
May all your projects get done on time,
may you garner many, many, Oooos and Ah's for your accomplishments,
and may you also learn many cool things that will enhance your historical projects and make you uber interesting at cocktail parties!

After all, I'm the go to girl at work for medieval answers on crossword puzzles! LOL!
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I don't make resolutions. Most are of the unrealistic sort. I'd rather just make a list and try to plow through it. So I am going to repost my "to do" list at the top of my journal and strike them out as I get them done.
cut to save the space )
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I finished knitting the pouch and last night I wet it and blocked it a bit. The handle, drawstrings, and tassels need to be made next. I like knowing where the yarn came from. Damp, it still smells like clean sheep. :-) I need to block it better. The bottom is not sewn as uneven as it looks in the photo. It's 8" long and 6" wide.

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but I'm not. So there! Pffffft!

I decided to knit a new bag for KASF to put in the display by the Atlantian Knitters Guild, "Keepers of the Clewe".

It is knit in two colors of natural wool, cream and dark brown. This wool came from the sheep of a friend of mine, Sara Ani, who lives in Baltimore and raises sheep on a property in the Greenspring Valley area of Baltimore County. Her producer name is "Blackberry Fields Farm"

I am using a pattern designed by [ profile] caemfind from a kit of hers. The kit originally came with green and white cotton thread but I decided to try the two color knitting in wool. The purse will be larger as the yarn is larger. I also reversed the dark/light colors in the pattern. I'm knitting on Clover size 3, bamboo, double pointed needles.

This project is coming along much quicker than the first now that I understand how two color knitting works.

Photos will come in a few days when I have enough knitting completed that the darn thing does not curl so much.
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Today the most excellent [ profile] cariola and [ profile] anne_rose came over and we collaborated, sewed and cut out a muslin mock up, went out for sushi and generally had a fun time. I even completed the repair on one leg of a pair of hosen. We even made time to help Anne Rose with some advice about her upcoming garb project.

I work so much better with company! :-)
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I've got a new toy and I'm trying to make it work!

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You know how sometimes people on your friendslist post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that se

It's seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

1. First Name: Martha or Martelle

2. Age: 50, what are ya gonna do about it!

3. Location: Randallstown, Maryland

4. Occupation:
Clerical Specialist extroidinare, wrangler of Lutheran Preachers, counter of elderly people.

5. Partner: The Knight (Eric)

6. Kids: Aelfwynn (Erica) and Paul (Paul)

7. Brothers/Sisters: two- Sarah, younger and a grandmother, Amanda, younger and a mom.

8. Parents: Marge (still around) and Harry (passed away in 1990).

9. Pets: Cassie, dog.

10. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:

A. Latest round of clearing out the home is successful and I am adoring the extra space to work on hobbies!
B. Coming up on my last year as Baroness of Bright Hills
C. Seeing my archery vastly improve in the past year. I never thought I'd be decent at any sport.
D. Working on my SCA Kit and replacing old, outdated things.
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Meatloaf dog!

Who would think a dog could get itself wrapped into such a small package?
All of these photos were taken within a 15 minute period.


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