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Today we lost a fine Scadian and an even better Atlantian.

Duchess Arielle the Golden was taken by her long battle with cancer. She fought the good fight. She had friends and family that loved her and even more people who were cheering her on from the sidelines.

I've lost a little piece of myself.

She and Val were the Crown that elevated me to the Order of the Laurel on July 14, 2007. My eyes are filling up even as I write this. I'll spend the rest of my SCA days doing my best to live up to the confidence she had in me and the potential she saw in me.

This is the way I will always remember her from the day of my elevation-

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Maybe if I practice with a 1 lb weight tied to my elbow I'll learn to get in alignment.
I'm also taking too long to aim. I already know where the target is I just need to concentrate on what I'm doing.

But I have learned some things at practice since "On Target". Thanks to Gustav, Janyn, Robert, Godai, Katarzyna and Seamus these lessons finally stuck in my head and have improved my shooting-
1) if an arrow comes out of your quiver you don't like it, let fall to the ground and grab another. Don't futz with it.
2) in speed rounds don't worry about shooting a lot of arrows. Shoot fewer arrows but make them count. It does you no good to loose a lot of arrows and not score with any of them.
3) for distance, raise your bow by bending your body at the hip, stay in alignment and do not raise your arms to raise your bow.

I have not been wearing an arm guard every time I shoot. I'm learning to keep my inner arm and elbow out of the way.

Either way I'm shooting better and getting better scores. I'm no great shakes yet but I am improving measurably.


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