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I've almost completed the knitted pouch. A couple more rows need to be done.

I've FINALLY started on the new late period book cover. I'll have some to show for KASF but it won't be near completed. I really want this project but for some reason have futzed around getting started. It is not a copy of any particular binding but is decorated in the style with bullion, pearls and spangles on red velvet. I've pinched some motifs though.

I'm using real seed pearls with a few artificial 2mm rounds thrown in because I could not find small enough real ones.

It is about 6 3/4" by 4".

Here is an image-

The front will have a laurel wreath with an "M" in the center and the back will have a scallop shell for my device.
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because there are many many other projects backed up behind them.

The evil Laurel plan has been postponed. I'm good with this as the gown itself kinda scares me a little bit. Not the sewing of all the stripes, but the patterning of the bodice in the first place. I must work with my two apprenti so that I get it right. They both do later period garb and can help me over this hump.

I'll work on a new linen Laurel hood to wear instead. I've got all of the materials and a new hood pattern drafted by my apprentice Lady Swieczka Kaim. This way I'll still have something new for garb to wear.

Not being one to lament over change I now get to concentrate on my embroidery project for 12th night AND work on my entry for [ profile] ladyaneira's 12th night competition.

Sometimes the cosmos just turns the way it is supposed to. Life is good!

Ah yes, after much memory disc searching, because having a daughter who is a photography major in college means you have these things lying around like dust bunnies, I finally found the one with the images of the hand towel I made for the vigil of Sir Axel of Taavistia when he was made a member of the Order of the Pelican in September.

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Day 1:
I am preparing my ground fabric and frame for my next Elizabethan book cover project. Due to my collection of frame sizes I will only be able to embroider two at a time instead of the four I originally had in mind. Dang it!

This means I'll have to stretch ground fabric AGAIN! Did you know that I HATE this part mainly because it is tedious. The really good part of this is when it is stretched it is done and it will stay beautifully stretched for the duration of the stitching.

I'll post some photos of the stretched velvet later today when I'm done. I may even have a delineation line stitched for the outline of the cover shape. I won't hope for the start of goldwork today.


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