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My intrepid readers know I have been preparing the past week to compete at the Bright Hills Cooks Guild event "Trial by Fire". It was this past Sunday and as always is was loads of fun!

I entered two dishes -

in the Meat Catagory, a 16th Century Stewed Mutton (with a lamb substitute) from "A Propre new booke of Cokery" (1545)

in the Dessert Catagory a 16th Century dessert "Strawberries with Sweetened Cream"

The Photos of my dishes were take by Lord Seamus O'Loughlin, Grand Champion at this years TBF and past Guild Master of the Bright Hills Cooks Guild.

I scored 60/75 on the Stew and 56/75 on the Dessert. I was apparently a close second for my two catagories.

Whew, I labored over the documentation. Her Excellency, Countess Adelicia of Cumbria offered to review my Stewed Mutton docs for me and pointed out some things that I could do to improve them. She was a great help as I ended up scoring 15/15 for my documentation for that recipe and 14/15 for the strawberries! Now that my brain is working again I want to tweak my docs by adding some details about the ingredients that I felt I should have included.

There were 5 other entrants and we had a total of about 16 dishes all together. After the judging we got to eat the entries for dinner! It was all excellent food and I came home stuffed!

I had such a good time this year that I think I will try again next year!
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My documentation is done. I hope it's ok. I've never written documentation for food before. Nor have I ever done a written redaction of a medieval recipe.

I'm only entering two dishes as I feel it's all I can realistically handle within the constraints of the competition.

I am so anal I drew pictures of how I'm going to set up my kitchen/prep area. *face*palm*

Tomorrow I buy the last remaining supplies I'll need and pack the truck. Sunday morning I will only have to pack the cooler and go.

Really, I'm having fun!
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I am tired.
I need to disgorge the truck contents back into the house.
The event was fantastic.
The weather was as good as it gets! Sunshine the whole time!
My new canvas tent is great.
We had 122 attend.
I have a difficult time finding my arrows when they are stuck in trees, at chest level, right in front of me.
Broken arrows - 0
Lost arrows - 0
Positive scores on the CGG shoot AND the Lochmere Arrow Shoot.
My barony is great!
Seamus was speechless.

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Let's sum up...

Bright Hills rocks!

We lived up to the comment -
"You guys in Bright Hills are such over achievers!"

Heheheh! More Tomorrow night

Let's just say that of the 5 Chalice disciplines, Bright Hillians took two, A&S and Bardic.

With one other Bright Hillian in the top five bardic entries!

Let's continue to say that Bright Hillians were on the winning Chalice team AND the second place team!


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If you were not able to attend or decided just to take a day off you missed a really fun event with great food at the end.

And I'll let the Guild Mistress, Dame Olwen the Odd, and the Cooks Guild tell you about the winners. (hehehe, I know I'm sneaky)

Sounds like a regular SCA event?
Nope, it's better!

Trial by Fire is the annual cooking competition sponsored by the Bright Hills Cooks Guild but YOU DO NOT have to be a Cooks Guild member to participate. It's an unofficial event and this year was #12!

Don't want to cook?
Then you can come, watch, and be one of the Gallery!

The Goal is to cook a period recipe, that serves 8 people, under Pennsic conditions. You may use any equipment you use at Pennsic to prepare a meal-

Coleman Stoves
Korean Stoves
Fire Rings
Charcole Grills
Ceramic Brassier's etc. etc.

Documentation is required and you get 2 hours to set up and then four hours to prepare, cook and plate your dish.

The catagories for entires were-
Best Grain
Best Meat
Best Vegetable
Best Dessert
Grand Champion

This year there were 14 dishes prepared across all four of the catagories.

Some of the ingredients used this year included chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit, rice, turnip greens, cabbage, miso soup, bananas, dates, currents, raisins, pistachios, honey, homemade sausage, pomegranate juice, yogurt, to name a few.

Food was boiled, braised, simmered and steamed. All was delicious and went to prove you don't have to eat out of a can to eat well at Pennsic.

I encourage folks to try their hand at this competition next year. It's open to all of any age. You can enter any or all of the catagories and the Cooks Guild offers prizes to the winners!

I plan on entering next year. No more sitting in the gallery for me!


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