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I cannot stand to hold a yard sale. When I'm ready to get rid of stuff it needs to be gone NOW. cut for brevity )
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I want a personal secretary who will handle all the phone calls, paperwork, forms, deadlines, bills, folders, filing, shredding, that I could ever have.

Cause' I'm tired of it.

that is all.
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Today saw me moving my desk out of the dining room and into the basement. I got tired of seeing the mayhem and foolishness that was my desk right next to where I needed to eat. Beside all my crafts and SCA projects and research books are all in the basement. Having my desk near all that only made sense.

We are purging bits and bobs slowly but surely. This Thursday I will be-
1) going to the NESAP shop to drop off 3 bags of clothes,
2) the Swap Shop at the landfill to leave an old chair and a fireplace mantle,
3) the dump part of the landfill to get rid of the old fireplace parts,
4) Walmart to get two more clear storage bins for winter clothes and Erica "crap"
5) load the truck for ToC on Saturday.

busy busy busy!

I keep repeating a quote I heard a while ago,
"If you had to move tomorrow, would you really want to take it with you?"
If the truthful answer is no, then out it goes.


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