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Today is the day we unceremoniously shoved another fledgling out of the nest.

*shove* flapity, flapity, flapity, AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *breath* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

The son is now ensconced in his digs at UMBC.
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We are back from the New Student Day at UMBC. I am beat. We left at 8:40am and got back at 3:00pm.

The campus is pretty good with the housing being reasonably close to the class buildings. They have a pretty active on-campus life and even the resident dining met with Paul's approval (read here- all you can eat meat and carbs.). We toured the housing and it was OK.

We also got in line first thing and got Paul his student ID card. Good thing too. When we arrived there were only 4 people ahead of him in line, when we left the line and grown by 5 times that.

We saw the Younger Gosling at the UMBC Rugby Team Table. I punched him on the arm and remarked about his rugby injury. They looked at Paul in all his skinnyness and said "yea, we could use him..." Paul was not entirely convinced.

We made a trip to the campus book store and picked up a few UMBC things- a baseball cap for Paul in Black and gold, a coffee cup and a muscle shirt for Eric, and a jumbo plastic cup for me. We had a coupon and got 20% off all the UMBC stuph. I still have another 20% coupon and might go back later on in the summer for a sweatshirt for me.

Hey, I'm payin', I get to wear a shirt.

I still need to go on line and do the student loan stuff but I'm done in and may wait till' tomorrow.

We stopped at 7-11 on the way home for draft sodas and I bought some lottery tickets. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I won't have to owe for TWO college educations by the end of the day.
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Come and join Haus Charlottenburg as we embark on the boxed macaroni and cheese diet.

The son just received his acceptance letter to UMBC.
I'm hoping the student aid packages will improve when you have two college students.


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