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Go Me!

Last night I got the linen stretched and the design drawn for the piece I will be demo-ing at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival. It is a late 15th century Turcoman design that I will be purposing into a new basket cover. I got the design from the book "Embroideries and Samplers from Islamic Egypt" by Marianne Ellis.

Decorative embroideries were used for wrapping and covering things in the Middle East so it works out really well. I love my celtic knot work basket cover but I won't mind having this new one. I think I'll sew pearls to the edge to finish it when I'm done the needlework.

Turcoman was apparently the areas of Eastern Anatolia, Northern Iraq and Western Iran in the 15th century. It will be worked in brown, red, yellow, blue, green and white silk in split stitch and laid and couched work.

I'll be using 5.3oz linen and Eterna stranded silks. The freshwater pearls I bought from [ profile] fabricdragon. Sparkly!
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Yesterday Bright Hills participated in a demo that we have done regularly since 2003. It's the River Fest in Charlestown, MD. The weather was HOT!! Whew!! BY the end of the 12 hour day I was wilting and worn out. I did drink plenty of water and liquids though.

All together we had over 20 BH'ers and Friends attend this demo

The folks running the event and the people who attend are all very nice and they love us! We had fighting, Belly dancers, more tradtitional ME dancers, Heinie was banging on metal at his anvil and we had an nice A&S display. Lady Ingeborg had quite a group learning how to make viking wire weaving. I even had a mock "court" where I invited kids from the audience and gave them scrolls that I printed up on parchement colored paper. Of course the crowd loved the fighting! House Wulfshaven arranged for all of the pavilions and our area was really nice and the modern things were all covered. We even walked in the parade!

This festival is right on the Chesapeake Bay and a lovely breeze came off of the water all day. The prices for food and drinks were of course at festival prices but actually were not all that high. I was pleasantly surprised.

The real secret is to arrive VERY early in order to get decent vendor/participant parking. I got on site at 7:00 AM and was able to pull my truck right up to our space and unload. YEA!!!! When it was time to leave I just loaded my flat bed truck and wheeled it down the road to where I was parked.

*note to self* I need to bolt some "eyes" on my FB to attach bungie cords to.

We will be doing this event next year. I had a very good time.


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