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The Knights arm looks MUCH better today. Two days of washing the abrasion and changing the dressing twice a day paid off. This morning it's not so angry looking. I think one more day should do it and he can go dressing free tomorrow. He will have an impressive raspberry for a while yet but at least it's on the mend.

I am verra verra glad. My sister got a brush burn on her knee when she was young and it got terribly infected so I was kinda worried here.
martelvonc: (Oh My!)
I was in walmart today picking up first aid supplies to minister to The Knights owwie.

He got it on Saturday when he was riding his bike on the NCR trail near the Pennsylvania line. It's a state park but there are some business' along the way and one restaurant had their dumpsters delivered right in the middle of the trail which mean bicyclists have to navigate treacherously around them.

Eric didn't make it. Hense the owwie.

He had to ride close to the RR tracks that are still in place, got his bike tire caught, and took a spill. His upper left arm and left knee cap are scraped up a bit but his poor elbow is the worse. So I've been helping him change the bandage twice a day since it's still weepy.

I'm much better with broken bones, wheezing etc. but open cuts, brush burns, blood, etc. not so much. I make Eric wash the gunk off of the owwie. I won't touch it.

That's why I'm not a Chiurgeon.


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