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Let's start from the beginning, because as most of my projects do, they spring from impetuousness and not from any real planning on my part.

This year at Pennsic I volunteered to help at the Children's Fete. This is a HUGE activity that Atlantia sponsors for the under 12 set. There are activities and games and whack a fighters and bouncy castles etc. It was started by Her Grace Duchess Arielle the Golden who is no longer with us. She passed away last summer from breast cancer.

This year those who are running the Fete asked the volunteers to wear pink in honor of Her Grace.

Ok I can do that but what to make? I have nothing in pink or rose. I was loath to make a "pink" thing and have no where else to wear it. A one trick pony. In my time geeking on the internet I came upon a British Library website that has a facsimile of the Luttrell Psalter.

In it are ladies wearing Rose colored gowns! Well Dang! I can make that type of gown! (Lets say up front I'm not a costumer.)

While checking out the styles I noticed the aprons the women are wearing. Hmmm I've seen those before. Then it hits me, Griele my apprentice sister made one! And her's is really nice. So after a bit of research, less than $5.00 in materials and 15 hours of time (because I am inefficient and slow) I now have achieved this-

I know about the dots. I hope they wash out, If not, eh. This is a work apron. It was worn in the fields. I'm good with it because it's done and looks like the more photo here )

I don't have the gown done yet but will post pictures when it is all complete.
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Today I have been sorting out all the sundry bags/baskets/boxes etc that my garb & accessories end up in after events. It's everywhere. It's no wonder I can never find anything. I seriously need to put my stuff away when I'm done with it.

Now that everything is matched up I've found I only need to make a few things. If I do, all my outfits will have dedicated parts with no double duty required. This is a good thing when attending Pennsic for a week.

1 under-dress for a viking hangerock.
1 under-dress for a wool tunic gown.
1 new pair of pants for my old Persian.
1 or 2 pairs of men's pants to wear with the 2 men's tunics I have. (good for archery)

I can always use, and are on the list:
Linen chemises (extra clean underwear can make Pennsic heat bearable)
extra pairs of linen hosen (see above reason but for legs)
extra viking caps (see above, above reason but for hair)
A new pilgrim bag (not desperate but it would be nice to have.)
A silk veil since I lost my last one. (only God knows where)

Back to the project station. It ain't makin' itself!
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Unless you got your shrubbery for making clothes, apparently not as much as I have. Having specific projects in mind for certain fabric is good but the bin is so full I'd never get all those projects completed. For the next two nights I'll be gleaning out, marking it for projects and will take the excess to our baronial swap meet night at the end of the month. I may look hard at some old garb and just replace it with new. So I'll have that too.

Maybe having the fabric bundled up into projects will inspire me to get crackin'. I have a long list of things I'd like to have in my personal SCA kit. Clearing out the supplies that will not get me there is my priority.

We were very good here at Chez Charlottenburg this weekend. After the Great Sump Pump Disaster a while back the basement got jumbled up in the panic of the water. Finding things became a challenge and moving about even more so. By then end of the straightening and culling we cleared out a pickup truck full of junk that The Knight took to the Swap Shop at the Carroll County Land Fill today.

We made some hard decisions about things that had not been used in over a year. ever.
How many carry on cases can one family of four use? Six? no? We gleaned back to three.
How many folding tables can one family use? Apparently not seven (7). We gleaned back to four.

I have a pretty impressive pile of tubs and plastic boxes to match with a pile O' lids. I haven't decided for sure but I may get rid of those too.

My SCA needlework has suffered from the lack of organization. I have many projects in the fire on that front too. I'm feeling a deep need to put needle to fabric again so organize I will.
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I'm thinking not...old news is, well, old news )
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I've been plowing through my fix-it project basket. cut for sewing nattering )
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because there are many many other projects backed up behind them.

The evil Laurel plan has been postponed. I'm good with this as the gown itself kinda scares me a little bit. Not the sewing of all the stripes, but the patterning of the bodice in the first place. I must work with my two apprenti so that I get it right. They both do later period garb and can help me over this hump.

I'll work on a new linen Laurel hood to wear instead. I've got all of the materials and a new hood pattern drafted by my apprentice Lady Swieczka Kaim. This way I'll still have something new for garb to wear.

Not being one to lament over change I now get to concentrate on my embroidery project for 12th night AND work on my entry for [ profile] ladyaneira's 12th night competition.

Sometimes the cosmos just turns the way it is supposed to. Life is good!

Ah yes, after much memory disc searching, because having a daughter who is a photography major in college means you have these things lying around like dust bunnies, I finally found the one with the images of the hand towel I made for the vigil of Sir Axel of Taavistia when he was made a member of the Order of the Pelican in September.

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As my faithful peanut gallery knows I am not much of a hat person. My hair doesn't stay neatly under them, I fidget with them, and generally they make me cranky. (6 year old style cranky that is) It's THE main reason I don't do Tudor garb and I'm not so fond of veils and wimples.

I've been known to quite frequently show up at an event with a veil/hat/cap on and ditch it after about 20 minutes. My hair is crazy the rest of the day but I am happy.

But Yesterday I decided to try a [ profile] bronx_baroness and [ profile] molly_world style wrapped and twisted scarf. At this point you should all be utterly amazed, I actually got the piece of fabric positioned, twisted, wrapped & secured on my head WITH the baronial coronet.

and it stayed that way ALL day! Who Knew?

My coronet did not give me a migraine yesterday because it was supported on the twists of the fabric.

Now I can't wear this hair covering with many types of garb so I guess that means that if you want me to wear hats I'll be wearing more of those types of garb! :-)
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Does anyone know where I can purchase-
large (like 15-25mm), white,
artificial tear drop shaped pearls,
that are drilled from end to end?

They can be glass or acrylic. I might even be satisfied with opaque white glass.

Fire Mountain Gems does not carry them this big. I found one site but wanted to compare sizes and prices. I need about 50 of them.


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