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I don't make resolutions. Most are of the unrealistic sort. I'd rather just make a list and try to plow through it. So I am going to repost my "to do" list at the top of my journal and strike them out as I get them done.

Projects Planned for 2010: cut because I care )
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I'm into the next section, sleeves! cut because it's the right thing to do )
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I finished the first section yesterday. Now on to the sleeve increases!

I'm making clothes! )
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As well as the clearing of the project basket has been going, I must stop to work on a gift.

A lady at work will be a grandmother soon. I used to work with her daughter who is having the baby. My stoppage on the OP basket is to knit a couple of baby things for her baby.

First will be a little garter stitch kimono style sweater on page 61 from the book "Simple Knits For Cherished Babies" by Erika Knight, Collins & Brown, 2008. It is knit in one piece and then sewn up the side seams.

I'm knitting the sweater in Spud & Chloe, Fine Sock, superwash 80% wool/20%silk, color #7807, which is a very pale pink. There were many yarn choices and then I thought...hmmmm...superwash. I know I'd appreciate being able to machine wash a sweater rather than hand wash AND have a new baby.

The sweater is supposed to close with ribbons tied in the back. WTF? Dressing a wiggly baby, flipping them over to manipulate ties in the back to close the sweater? Ummmm, no. So I will do as the ladies at the "Knitting Addiction" shop did and close the one side of the sweater with a small button on the inside and pretty button on the outside. With the outside button being big enough to not be a choking hazard and still be stylish.

I was also assured by the ladies at "Knitting Addiction" that I would have enough yarn left over from the two skeins to also knit a pair of matching socks.

When I had babies and others in my family had babies I did not know how to knit. Now I do and I can make these things and die from the cute!
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If that was true I'd have finished these 8 months ago.

Fingerless mittens...Done! Next OP - a scarf I began in 2005.

Look Ma, I finally gots glubs! )
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Today sees our heroine moving on to the next orphan project.

WHAT? You say? There's more? Ummm, yes, I am ashamed to say. I start all sorts of things and then get side tracked but I am determined to rectify this situation. One project at a time.

This project is from last winter. I was knitting fingerless mittens for myself and The Knight says "Hey, could you knit a pair for me?" and I says "Sure Sweetie. I can knit a pair for you!". I even have on hand this loverly tan, baby alpaca yarn I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It is so soft! It is so cuddly! The Knight says, "Um ok, whatever you want to make them from is fine with me".

(He secretly thinks I am nuts but loves me anyway.)

Here is where they are today-here be a half finished project )
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I finished yet another OP! The knitted shopping bag is Done! Booyah! The orphan project basket is a little less whiney tonight...

what the heck is it? )

It's a shopping bag! )
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The shopping bag is on the down hill stretch. Four more rows then bind off and sew in the end!

Yesterday I visited a yarn shop in Manteo, on Roanoke Island, "Fine Yarns at Kimbeeba". The trip was actually to purchase knitting needles for the baby sweater I want to knit next. As you knitters/crafts people know, we cannot just go in an buy what we came for and leave (are you non-craftspeople/knitters NUTS?!). In my perusing of the shop's many goodies I found the button display. My daughter and I found a tube of these chunky beauties made of that nut that is used as an ivory substitute for carving (the name escapes me). It works perfectly for the bottom of the bag that makes up the pouch to fold the bag into when it's not in use.

Nut Job )

Now I'm down to the last few rows and really, really love this bag. Some things I make just to have the challenge of making the item. Some items, like this one, I actually want to make and own it too.

Look Ma! Almost done! )
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As you may know, your heroine has been clearing out her orphan project basket. This particular bit of knitting was a net shopping bag I started last December, the same week as my rotator cuff injury got to it's worse. Needless to say I could not count stitches straight and it showed. The bag was full of fail. It was delegated to the OP basket.

I got tired of my OP basket whining at me from the sewing area so I have begun to finish these projects. The latest one I have pulled to finish up is this bag. I liked it when I bought it and I still like this project today but I got discouraged.

I've been knitting up a storm on my shopping bag but....I ran out of yarn and guess where the rest of the yarn is. Yes, you guessed correctly, at home. Why is this a problem? I am currently 350 miles away from HOME at the beach. Fortunately I am in the same town as the yarn shop where I purchased this project originally. So I must suffer and go and visit this yarn shop again. Too bad! Oh the horror! hehehe!

Here is my project so far here be peektures )
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After all the clearing I have been doing the past weeks I decided to work on all the orphan projects I have accumulated. You know the ones, those poor projects that, by no fault of their own, lost the bloom of the initial thrill, were started, then orphaned to the project basket of shame.

This one was rescued from oblivion because I really do like it. The pattern is "Summer Cotton Bag" by Jeanne Shrader of the "Knitting Addiction" shop in Southern Shores, NC. (but according to the website have now moved down the road.)

The yarn is...well, I've had it started for over a year and cannot remember what the yarn is. *face*palm* but it's knitted with two strands together of 100% cotton, one is cream the other is a pastel yarn with little fuzzy dots along the yarn.

Here be the orphan no more! )
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My son has been in the hospital this week for back surgery. Not the first time we've done time at the hospital and it probably won't be the last. I have learned that one should always take something to do while sitting...and waiting, because there is ALWAYS a lot of waiting. Always.

After reading some random knitting site, I saw a free pattern for knitted lace. I'm always a fan of free patterns and after some digging found I had everything on hand to give this a go. Why not? I have no impending need for knitted lace but heck I love a challenge and what better excuse to start a new project than being with the son in the hospital?

free pattern - check
knitting needles, size 00 - check
rubber caps for the double pointed needles - check
old ball of cotton crochet thread - check
Posty notes to mark the rows - check

Due to the fact that I got interrupted in the middle of rows and lost my place about 15 times, I have finally started to show some progress. It's actually quite fun! Knitting lace is a little like magic. The pattern gives no real hint of how it will work until you've done at lease two repeats of the group of rows. Then all of a sudden you look down and you have lace! Pretty cool!

Here are some photos of where I am so far - your connection will thank me )
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but I'm not. So there! Pffffft!

I decided to knit a new bag for KASF to put in the display by the Atlantian Knitters Guild, "Keepers of the Clewe".

It is knit in two colors of natural wool, cream and dark brown. This wool came from the sheep of a friend of mine, Sara Ani, who lives in Baltimore and raises sheep on a property in the Greenspring Valley area of Baltimore County. Her producer name is "Blackberry Fields Farm"

I am using a pattern designed by [ profile] caemfind from a kit of hers. The kit originally came with green and white cotton thread but I decided to try the two color knitting in wool. The purse will be larger as the yarn is larger. I also reversed the dark/light colors in the pattern. I'm knitting on Clover size 3, bamboo, double pointed needles.

This project is coming along much quicker than the first now that I understand how two color knitting works.

Photos will come in a few days when I have enough knitting completed that the darn thing does not curl so much.
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Remember how, like, I was being virtuous and Laurely like, and stuff?
The hand sewing and the repairing and the projects?

Well, I fell off the wagon last weekend.

It all started...
When we went down to the Outer Banks,
AND the ONLY knitting store was still in business,
AND the Knight was willing to let me wander in there to my hearts content,
(bless you free wi-fi, a fancy I-Pod touch, and a comfy chair he could sit in)
AND they were selling this cute little pattern for a cute little bag purse,
AND they were selling the yarn to make the cute little bag purse,
AND they had the knitting needles I needed to start the cute little bag purse.

I couldn't just LEAVE it there now could I?


I did make one SCA related project this week. I made myself an arrow mop in my heraldic colors. After shooting in the down pour rain at the Barony of Lochmere investiture last fall and having no where to clean my arrows of the gawd awful mud except to wipe them off with my hand, I decided to make myself one of those useful gee-gaws. Not historically accurate but useful none the less.

So there, I can look at chickens if I like....
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when you can knit a pair of socks and then are able to repair a hole in the heel so they can continue to be worn. (this morning saw me darning a hole in the heel of the very first pair of socks I knit)and the band played on )
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I've almost completed the knitted pouch. A couple more rows need to be done.

I've FINALLY started on the new late period book cover. I'll have some to show for KASF but it won't be near completed. I really want this project but for some reason have futzed around getting started. It is not a copy of any particular binding but is decorated in the style with bullion, pearls and spangles on red velvet. I've pinched some motifs though.

I'm using real seed pearls with a few artificial 2mm rounds thrown in because I could not find small enough real ones.

It is about 6 3/4" by 4".

Here is an image-

The front will have a laurel wreath with an "M" in the center and the back will have a scallop shell for my device.
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Hey, I wondered. Maybe you do too...

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I've only got 15 rows left to knit. Then the draw string and the tassles are the last to make.
Maybe I'll be finished by the weekend. We'll see.

So [ profile] caemfind, where can I buy more, kits? I can quit anytime I want. No, really I can )
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I'm well past the half way point with only 22 rows left to knit. here be peektures )
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Look! Look! It's making a pattern!! It's magic!! cut for knitting geekyness )
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Here are the first photos of my teeny tiny knitting project. cause' maybe you don't want a peep )


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