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I don't make resolutions. Most are of the unrealistic sort. I'd rather just make a list and try to plow through it. So I am going to repost my "to do" list at the top of my journal and strike them out as I get them done.

Projects Planned for 2010: cut because I care )
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Today we lost a fine Scadian and an even better Atlantian.

Duchess Arielle the Golden was taken by her long battle with cancer. She fought the good fight. She had friends and family that loved her and even more people who were cheering her on from the sidelines.

I've lost a little piece of myself.

She and Val were the Crown that elevated me to the Order of the Laurel on July 14, 2007. My eyes are filling up even as I write this. I'll spend the rest of my SCA days doing my best to live up to the confidence she had in me and the potential she saw in me.

This is the way I will always remember her from the day of my elevation-

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Because, in my excitement back in January, I forgot to take pictures, here are some photos that [ profile] alina_s took for me.

It is the hand washing towel I made for Mistress Alina Silverthorn [ profile] alina_s in honor of her being elevated to the Order of the Laurel at Atlantian Kingdom 12th Night, January 10, 2009.

The border design is a mid 16th century pattern and is reversable. It is stitched on linen with silk thread.

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The Knight and I went to Kingdom 12th Night. 12th night in all it's glory! )
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Yes, peeps I finally completed my OA project and it went over pretty well at the A&S display during Pennsic. [ profile] nazrynn took this nice photo-

The weird thing is I already have the disconnect between all the work I know I put into it and now. It's almost like a body dismorphic disorder. I look at it and it seems familiar but somehow it does not seem possible that I made that picture.

I will be stretching the velvet for my next project this weekend. It's going to be 2 little Elizabethan book covers that I will work at the same time. 1 is for me, and 1 is for the nice lady at Hedgehog Handworks who gifted me with a gift certificate for purl, spangles etc for this project. I have all the materials and was just waiting to finish the lion so that I could work without guilt, because as you all know by now I have the attention span of a hamster.

I'm rather excited about this next project because I've been in love with the concept ever since I saw the extant book at the Folgers in Washington, DC.

Photos as I work will be forth coming. I won't be taking this project out much so I can keep the secret also. This project should take FAR less time than the lion. (Thank GOD!)
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The Lenox "Laurel Leaf" Dining Room Chair Covers will fit over the two-part oak chairs.
Add a coupla' nice cushions.....just sharin'.
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Coronation could not have been a nicer day.

The weather was perfect.
The site was easy to find.

A friend [ profile] bronx_baroness became queen. I know she is going to do a good job. She really cares about Atlantia and wants to see folks get the recognision they deserve. Ro is also personable and kind. Good traits for a job that can be taxing.

I got to schmooze with more friends.
I was allowed to help in the kitchen.
I got to help judge A&S entries. I was thrilled to see so many embroidery entires!!!!
Yes, I am slightly biased. No, I don't care if people know it. :-)
2 folks in my Barony were recognised! Woo Hoo!
The feast was great! I loved the fried boiled eggs. I need to make these for home.
I got to help wash dishes at THE BEST commercial dishwasher set up I've seen.

My Tempore Atlantia competition only attracted one entry but it was a "kick ass" entry! It was well done and had good documentation. All from a relative new person. I was impressed!

I was a slacker and forgot my camera, so I have no pictures of my own to share. So I must rely on the photographic talents of others.

I will also miss my first Laurel Meeting because it is being held today. I came home last night because we are having a family cook out at my sister's house. Sigh. Whellp, sometimes you can't do it all.

I got home about 1:45 A.M., fell into bed and boom, I was out.
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So as I start to remember what went on....

I was taken to the Bright Hills pavilion where the vigil room was set up. Her Highness Rowan Berran McDowell washed my hands while Jeanmaire held the bowl. I cannot for the life of me remember what she said to me but it was something about symbolizing my old life being washed away and my new life beginning?going on vigil )

This being the 2nd part and I am teary eyed yet again and will tell more later.
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Your friends and family are giggling wildly when you are not around. The saga continues )

I'm still getting teary eyed as I sit here and type so I will take a bit to gather my wits again.
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Remember when I said I was feeling out of sorts yesterday? Well there was a reason. I think I may have been channeling all the frantic activity of my friends and family.

Yesterday at Storvik Novice Tourney their Majesties Valharic and Arielle set me on vigil for the Order of the Laurel.

I had NO idea what-so-ever because everything that went on was what we usually do at an event. We bring pavilions, we bring enough food to feed an army and all the usual folks were there.

Absolutely Everyone, and apparently this was no small group, kept the secret.

I'll post more as my brain sorts out all the data.


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