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I got quite a bit done on Saturday at the Dun Carraig event. cut to save your friend's pag )
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I have been intrigued by the way the back looks as I do the couching.
photo here )

Geeze, I am so distract-able.....
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"Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work" - Bette Davis

Here is an updated photo of my OA Lion as of tonight-
photo here )

I'm buckling down and putting in at least a hour a day on this right now. The gold you see filled in is about 8 days (20 hours) worth of work.

12th Night, 12th Night, 12th Night........
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I'm posting a photo since I've not taken one since July-
photo here )
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I've started some of the couched gold on my OA lion project. This is going to be slow going though it covers a bit more at one time. You can't see much in a photo so I'll post pictures in a few days when I have more done.

I ordered some trim for the outside edge of the design from Calontir Trim but I'm not entirely pleased with it the more I think about it. It's not their fault at all. It's just not quite what I wanted. I really need a 1/2 inch metallic trim in red with metallic gold woven in pattern similar to the tablet woven trim that was used to outline elements of Opus Anglicanum in period.

bleh, making it myself is not an option here as I am not nearly a good enough tablet weaver to even attempt it. The most I have done are two belts that came out pretty well but not up to the fine brocade work I need here.

I WILL be done by 12th night....I WILL be done by 12th night.....
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Here is another photo of the progress I made after about 4 hours of needlework today-

Photo of OA Lion )
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I must do these lists to keep myself on track. So you can ignore me or read at your will.

Here is the current update on the project list-
fear the list! )

That is all the news that is fit to print for today.
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*SLAP* ok let it go. *SLAP* again, just for good measure.

I am forced to do what is right by my Opus Anglicanum project and not what I G**D*** please.


The next point in this project is to start a border around the lion but the border I wanted to do I must admit is actually 100 years later in design than the lion itself. Bummer. But I know that if I do what I please and to hell with design sensibilities that I will do all this work and then never use it because I will KNOW it's wrong.

I don't want people to talk,
I don't want have to wear a paper bag over my head to events,
I don't want to listen to the ridicule from my apprentice sisters,
I will now step off the drama queen box.


I decided to do a straight border in two colors, green on the inside and gold on the outside with circles in the corners. This was done in illuminations of this time period. Instead of little animal faces, flowers, etc. I will be embroidering my A&S award badges in the four corners and in the center top will go my arms. I can do this because in Ecclesiastical examples, Opus Anglicanum was just an extension of illumination designs.


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