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Today we lost a fine Scadian and an even better Atlantian.

Duchess Arielle the Golden was taken by her long battle with cancer. She fought the good fight. She had friends and family that loved her and even more people who were cheering her on from the sidelines.

I've lost a little piece of myself.

She and Val were the Crown that elevated me to the Order of the Laurel on July 14, 2007. My eyes are filling up even as I write this. I'll spend the rest of my SCA days doing my best to live up to the confidence she had in me and the potential she saw in me.

This is the way I will always remember her from the day of my elevation-

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Today is the day we unceremoniously shoved another fledgling out of the nest.

*shove* flapity, flapity, flapity, AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *breath* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

The son is now ensconced in his digs at UMBC.
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I love Easter Sunday and not just for the reason that is most obvious to the Christian religion.

I love Easter because of all the happy childhood memories I have of the holiday. Like the year my older cousin gave my sister and I large ceramic eggs with bunny scenes inside that he had made himself. They were painted in two different colors so that they would be the same but different.

Egg hunts. Stories of the year when my dad did not count how many and then proceeded to forget where he had hidden a couple of real eggs.

P.S. under a sofa cushion is NOT a good place to hide an egg and then forget you hid it there. Just a tip mind you....

I love the sugar eggs with the little paper scenes inside. You have to peep through the small hole in the end of the egg to see the scene. That was a little bit of magic to me.

I loved the metal buckets and shovels that your easter candy came in. It's not PC to give kids DANGEROUS metal buckets that they could open a vein with don't ya know!!! Oh The Horrors of it all! PFFFTTT on them.

I miss the absolutely god awful knit and crochet poncho's we would get each year from my Grandma Larkins. Fringe and everything. The hats with the elastic thread to hold them on to your chin that drove you nuts. The white patent leather shoes that shone like glass and pinched to no end. Going to church in all your finery.

When I was a kid in Baltimore City my family attended a large Presbyterian Church so my memories of major church holidays are memories of LARGE congregations of people. Important stuff to a kid. But then most of my favorite memories of church are not totally of a religious nature but of a comfort nature.

Like summer vacation bible school. I can still get the same feeling I had 35 years ago every time I eat plain graham crackers and juice. This is still one of my favorite comfort food snacks.

But most of all Easter means spring is really here, life will pop out all over again and we survived another winter.

Everyone, have a safe and Happy Easter and Hug your family today!


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