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Because, in my excitement back in January, I forgot to take pictures, here are some photos that [ profile] alina_s took for me.

It is the hand washing towel I made for Mistress Alina Silverthorn [ profile] alina_s in honor of her being elevated to the Order of the Laurel at Atlantian Kingdom 12th Night, January 10, 2009.

The border design is a mid 16th century pattern and is reversable. It is stitched on linen with silk thread.

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I've almost completed the knitted pouch. A couple more rows need to be done.

I've FINALLY started on the new late period book cover. I'll have some to show for KASF but it won't be near completed. I really want this project but for some reason have futzed around getting started. It is not a copy of any particular binding but is decorated in the style with bullion, pearls and spangles on red velvet. I've pinched some motifs though.

I'm using real seed pearls with a few artificial 2mm rounds thrown in because I could not find small enough real ones.

It is about 6 3/4" by 4".

Here is an image-

The front will have a laurel wreath with an "M" in the center and the back will have a scallop shell for my device.
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Day 1:
I am preparing my ground fabric and frame for my next Elizabethan book cover project. Due to my collection of frame sizes I will only be able to embroider two at a time instead of the four I originally had in mind. Dang it!

This means I'll have to stretch ground fabric AGAIN! Did you know that I HATE this part mainly because it is tedious. The really good part of this is when it is stretched it is done and it will stay beautifully stretched for the duration of the stitching.

I'll post some photos of the stretched velvet later today when I'm done. I may even have a delineation line stitched for the outline of the cover shape. I won't hope for the start of goldwork today.

It's done!

Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:01 pm
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Sooper Sekrit Project is finished, pressed, bagged, and ready to deliver tomorrow night.

Peektures later.
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The Sooper Sekrit Projeckt is moving along and I should be finished tonight.

[ profile] ladygriele are you still going this weekend? If yes then....
Would you be willing to take it for me? If yes then...
Can I come by your house tomorrow after work and drop it off? If yes then...
I'd get to your place around 6PM.

hehehe! :-)
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Since I can't show you photos of the SSP I'm working on now I will show you photos from the previous SSP that I made with [ profile] alina_s.

We made the handwashing towel for [ profile] jljonsn's elevation to the Order of the Laurel at Storvik's Novice Tourney in July.

Alina handwove the towel in linen and I embroidered the laurel wreath.
Alina, never fear, I'm burning a CD with more photos for you or you can steal these.

The towel is in fact white, not orange, but to get the white on white embroidery detail I had to make the lighting wonky. And I did indeed iron out the embroidery hoop mark before I gave it. :-) cut cause i luv peektures )
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So peeps your intrepid embroiderer once again sets aside one project to make another project.

You shouldn't be surprised, so you, in the back, stop snickering!

No....this time it's not because I said "Ooooo shiney!" Though it might classify as such.
Nope, I'm making an uber cool gift but unfortunately it's a surprise this time so you'll have to wait just a little bit so that it can be given first. I do promise to take photos when I'm done and post them in a couple of weeks.

I've got the rolled hem done, the design laid out, and the stitching started. It will be on linen ground, with white linen stem stitching. I really like it and am happy to be making it.

I hope they like it. :-)
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Yes, peeps I finally completed my OA project and it went over pretty well at the A&S display during Pennsic. [ profile] nazrynn took this nice photo-

The weird thing is I already have the disconnect between all the work I know I put into it and now. It's almost like a body dismorphic disorder. I look at it and it seems familiar but somehow it does not seem possible that I made that picture.

I will be stretching the velvet for my next project this weekend. It's going to be 2 little Elizabethan book covers that I will work at the same time. 1 is for me, and 1 is for the nice lady at Hedgehog Handworks who gifted me with a gift certificate for purl, spangles etc for this project. I have all the materials and was just waiting to finish the lion so that I could work without guilt, because as you all know by now I have the attention span of a hamster.

I'm rather excited about this next project because I've been in love with the concept ever since I saw the extant book at the Folgers in Washington, DC.

Photos as I work will be forth coming. I won't be taking this project out much so I can keep the secret also. This project should take FAR less time than the lion. (Thank GOD!)
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That Google Books has full scans of....

Needlework as Art
Lady M. Alford

Church Vestments
Anastasia Dolby (Late Embroideress to the Queen)1868

The History of English Secular Embroidery
M. Jourdain

and that you can save them as PDF files
or print em' off right there.

Kinda like Crack don't ya think?

Just sayin'


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