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As we all do when we return from a major event like Pennsic, our minds turn to how we could make it better for ourselves next time. cut for brevity, you can thank me later )
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Today I have been sorting out all the sundry bags/baskets/boxes etc that my garb & accessories end up in after events. It's everywhere. It's no wonder I can never find anything. I seriously need to put my stuff away when I'm done with it.

Now that everything is matched up I've found I only need to make a few things. If I do, all my outfits will have dedicated parts with no double duty required. This is a good thing when attending Pennsic for a week.

1 under-dress for a viking hangerock.
1 under-dress for a wool tunic gown.
1 new pair of pants for my old Persian.
1 or 2 pairs of men's pants to wear with the 2 men's tunics I have. (good for archery)

I can always use, and are on the list:
Linen chemises (extra clean underwear can make Pennsic heat bearable)
extra pairs of linen hosen (see above reason but for legs)
extra viking caps (see above, above reason but for hair)
A new pilgrim bag (not desperate but it would be nice to have.)
A silk veil since I lost my last one. (only God knows where)

Back to the project station. It ain't makin' itself!


Feb. 25th, 2009 06:20 am
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I made my very first Pennsic plan! I know what I will serve on the night it's my turn to cook dinner! But for now it's a sekrit.

Actually my second plan, I know where I'll be camping.

Wait, my third,
I have a new canvas tent now. Not a period one but much, much, better looking and much, much easier to erect than my old "land pimple of much hugeness". For that my crazy great camp guys are grateful. They kindly have my tent set up before I arrive.

Only 5 months till' Pennsic!

(I am so excited!)
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After looking at the family finances this weekend I found I was pretty close to having enough saved and I ordered a new tent today!cut for old news )


Aug. 10th, 2008 04:12 pm
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The BEST:cut for old news )

I'm a Mom!

Feb. 11th, 2008 03:20 pm
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This weekend along with all the other wonderful things that went on in Bright Hills one more special thing happened.

I took my first apprentice.
She is [ profile] sarahjeanh, Katerina das Vogelein. Her Majesty [ profile] bronx_baroness allowed me to do the ceremony in court and even signed the indenture as a witness. I asked HRM to take possession of the Barony so that all would know I did this as Mistress of the Laurel and not as Territorial Baroness. We exchanged gifts for our bond and read the contract in court. After we signed it and HRM witnessed it. I tore it in half in front of the populace and Kateria and I each kept a half. I then swore fealty to her Majesty as a peer of the Society. Her Majesty then gave the barony back to me.

In the grand tradition of my own Laurel [ profile] elfsea_escapee I told Katerina she did not have to wear the apprentice belt if it did not actually "go" with her outfit! :-)

At Pennsic this year my plan is to go to the House Bloodguard encampment with gifts to give Duke Andreas in recompense for the loss of such a fine household member. Date and time to be named later if anyone wants to tag along. :-)

Here are some of the photos:I cut to save your friends page )
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GOOD Parts:cut for old news )
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Pennsic was wet, very wet, & muddy, very muddy. But Good Googlie Mooglies was it fun!!

Tomorrow I have to clean out the truck and will post more.

Now it's time to go to bed...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
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My house guests are on their way home. I miss them already but I will see them at Pennsic in less than 2 weeks.

I had a very productive weekend and was able to complete some accessories so I am ahead of schedule. This means I may have time to make a new tunic! Maybe even an over tunic. yea!

My packing commences and my tent is on it's way with those who will be going up for land grab. Besides doing something very nice for me and setting up my tent it's a help to our land agent to have an idea of what we have for the set up of the camp.

I am so looking forward to Pennsic! Even with the strangeness that is Pennsic camping I love this event. Especially now that there are classes and so many more merchants and performances besides the martial activities. I love seeing my friends and just having a great time.

Ah well, back to work. My garb is not sewing itself!
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Everyone else listing their madness so I'll chime in with my next to impossible list of pre-pennsic planning.

Projects to do-
1) hem the new under tunic Dame Olwen the Odd made for me. DONE!
2)take the hood off of my old wool cloak and put quilt binding on the edge instead.
This wool cloak is SO OLD it's nearly twice as old as my son but it's in great shape except for a bit of cosmetic work. It needs a new cloak clasp/penanular broach that I hope to purchase at Pennsic.
3) hem the sleeves of a tunic I made for The Knight that I will bring for me as a spare. DONE!
4) take in a blue tube dress that is just way too wide. (seemed like a good idea at the time.) DELETING
I've got other bits and bobs I want to make instead.
5) finish pearling the edge of a silk veil. DONE!
6) stain & seal my oak chair. Materials are all bought I just need to do it. DONE!

UPDATE* 7) Hem vigil gown to wear as a nice under dress for my blue viking or my black viking. DONE!

Maybe I might try to-
1)make another plain linen veil. DONE!
2)paint baronial arms on a pilgrim bag I have.
3)make one more colored under dress to have a spare to change out with other over tunics.
4)make one white linen viking coif DONE!
5)make one hood
5)make one simple over gown.

UPDATE* with Jeanmaire's and Mari's help I was able to complete a silk wimple also! Yea!!

There we go! I've already started to pack things in the truck. I've also started to pack garb in the bin as I get it ready. Tonight will see me working on the bins that will carry my other camping gear and starting the last minute shopping list.

And I'm not leaving until August 4th at O-dark thirty in the morning.


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