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I have been sick with a cold all week. It seems like when I'm sick I can't just be sick and stay in bed with bonbons so I cranked out a boat load of Ebay auctions I promised for [ profile] khatun. If I can't be useful at work, I'll be useful at home.cut because I ramble )
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It's official. I am diseased. cut for ewwww! )
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The mass for [ profile] ladyrowansplace was very nice and the lady they had as a soloist had a beautiful voice. There were more SCA people there than family members and Ro's family appreciated our presence in her honor. cut for length )
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OK maybe not quite that bad. OK, look here for my little world )
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I slept for 8 hours straight last night and for me that's saying something. I still have a little bit of cough but no sore throat.Yea! I have a bit of a headache and will be taking something for that soon. So I'm hoping it's just a mild head cold and I can live with that.

I need to take Paul to the grocery store for something to take on his field trip tommorrow. blech.

On a good note I did get my persian cote finished except to hem the front edge and hem the bottom. In a perfect world I would like to tack down all the french seams but it ain't happenin' this week and the bottom hem will have to wait until tommorrow night when [ profile] alina_s comes over to help me wrap up some sewing. Thank you thank you!


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