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Yesterday I finished a pouch made with the new stitch Mistress Sigrid taught me Friday evening. It makes an entirely different fabric than the first one she taught me which I believe was the Oslo stitch.

This stitch worked up incredibly faster that the socks are going because the stitches are larger. It also makes a thicker fabric. The drawstring is made with a simple 4 bow finger loop braid. The wool is Lambs Pride Worsted.

Here are some photos of the pouch and where I am with the socks -

More wooly goodness. )
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when you can knit a pair of socks and then are able to repair a hole in the heel so they can continue to be worn. (this morning saw me darning a hole in the heel of the very first pair of socks I knit)and the band played on )
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I did it!

I finished my first nalbinding project! It's not perfect or even competent but it has no holes and is useful.
Go me!

The pouch is 4.5" wide by 5.5" long. It is made from Lambs Pride Gold single ply yarn for the body and the draw string is a simple 3 string braid made from Jojoland 100% wool yarn. It is a UUOOUUOO sort of stitch. This made a nice dense and sturdy fabric that does not need to be felted.

Many thanks to Mistress Sigrid Briansdotter for getting me started last May at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. She sat patiently with me until I got the beginning stitches down.

Now back to my nalbinded socks that have moved on from the "toe yarmulke" stage to the "toe ski cap" stage, but are coming along between other projects.

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I think I finally have got the hang of it. Whew!

After consulting with Mistress Sigrid Briansdotter at the MDSW festival and having her offer very useful help, I am on my way to making things using nalbinding. She explained about increases and even offered me a better stitch that makes a denser fabric.

Now, I only know one stitch, and I only have been able to get to a piece that is 1" x 2.5" in size, but it actually looks like nalbinding and if I'm lucky I will have socks soon! I was even able to attach my second length of yarn by felting and it worked!

I need to work on my tensioning as it's uneven but I'm making real fabric! Now to start a second piece so that I can work the two at the same time and not end up with "One Sockitis".


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