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I cannot stand to hold a yard sale. When I'm ready to get rid of stuff it needs to be gone NOW. cut for brevity )
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Lately my posts have been about spring cleaning. For me it's that time of year. It may be because I'm coming out of my winter funk. Not depression really as I function just fine at work and other areas of my life but I get, shall we say, restless the longer that winter lasts. I've had folks suggest that I get one of those full spectrum lights to bask in and I might try it this coming fall. Heck, nothing ventured nothing gained.

But when March rolls around and my primordial brain cheers and says "HOORAY! We survived another winter!". You get to listen to my ramblings about cleaning, purging and rearranging of my possessions. I feel better for getting rid of the deadwood and mayhem that I am blind to all winter.

Part of this is due to my father who saved everything and did not often get rid of stuff even if it became damaged. (maybe I'll fix it, maybe it's not so bad). Think 15 years of Playboys, American Riflemen, National Geo's all saved in boxes in our shed that leaked. Or the woodworking shop that was up to knee deep in scraps, stock tools and sawdust. I was determined that when I moved out my home would not get that bad and for the most part I've succeeded. I've had some clutter issues in my past but I slapped myself and forced my inner child to quit hoarding and clear out.

So there you have it. I'm no saint but I'm not such a bad sinner and every March I see the error of my ways and repent!
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Today sees me continue on a plan of organizing stuff. I'm working on my shelf unit for sewing and SCA projects. Not a lot of purge today just rearranging.

Someone, I cannot remember who, (Alina maybe?) recently told me it is helpful to them to have their fabric stash out on a shelf neatly folded where it can be easily seen. Instead of storing it all in bins. They found that with the fabric visible they were saving a great deal of money by not re-purchasing what they already owned.

I only have a small stash but have trouble getting motivated to make new garb because I forget just what I have available to use. So I listened to the advice, pulled it all out of the bins, cleared off a couple of shelves, and laid it neatly on. I actually have a decent stash to make some new garb. Who knew?

This plan of action also cleared two large bins out of the family room. It also forced me to straighten up the rest the shelves that had become crammed full only because stuff was getting crammed on instead of put away properly.

I found the rest of my new del project for KAC and the spare fabric for it. Now I can work on finishing it.

I have to get back to work because it has to be done by Friday when I will be hosting a guest for the MD Sheep and Wool Festival.

See Ya!
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The shelf unit is put together. It's another of the restaurant rack type. I put the wheels on as it is in the cubby where the main water shut-off valve for the house is. I can remove one storage box and get to to it but I'd rather not take any chances.

I got all the baronial storage boxes on it and now I can get to each one without the song and dance I had before when they were just piled on top of each other. Go me! I still have to find a place for the card tables and the throne parts but that job is for today.

These racks are available at Sam's Club and, according to the box, each shelf will hold 600 lbs. I don't need that much weight baring capacity but they are sturdy and come with wheels. They also all look similar. They are reasonable too, only $78.00

Sam's club had another heavy duty shelving unit that snaps together but I have to take some measurements to see if it will fit in the back room. It might be too tall for the ceiling back there.

I'm annoyed that I cannot get to bins when I want to. This is all important because we have no attic storage and don't want to pay for a storage rental. So the back room and the outside shed are it. The storage system we have now (if you can call it that) is not convenient at all. We don't have a lot of junk as we have pared down greatly which helps but, add to that, Aelfwynn's art work is starting to pile up back there and it's getting to where I can't GET to much easily.

Things are changing slowly but surely for the better.

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I waved good bye to The Knight as he went off to catch his plane to Orlando for some sort of conference for de guvernmint. I would like you to know I am a good and understanding wife as this will be the second year in a row he will not be home for our wedding anniversary AND will be somewhere really cool.

Last year he was in Hawaii.
This year he is in Orlando and within walking distance of Sea World.

Well I showed HIM!
I went out and bought a large dog bed and a new shelf unit at Sam's club for the basement.
HA! So there! Pfffttttt!

I know I am tres' lame.

Actually we did need the shelf unit. The back room is over run with storage boxes and no way to corral them. It is my intent to get it put together tonight and set in place. Eric likes using his weight bench every day especially if there is plenty of room around it. This should help the problem.

The dog has taken to her new bed here in the basement. Cassie will be 8 years old in October and I'd like to get her used to a dog bed so that she can sleep next to me on the floor in our bedroom and not feel she has to struggle to get on or off the bed.

Ah well, it's not putting itself together so off I go!
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Today saw me moving my desk out of the dining room and into the basement. I got tired of seeing the mayhem and foolishness that was my desk right next to where I needed to eat. Beside all my crafts and SCA projects and research books are all in the basement. Having my desk near all that only made sense.

We are purging bits and bobs slowly but surely. This Thursday I will be-
1) going to the NESAP shop to drop off 3 bags of clothes,
2) the Swap Shop at the landfill to leave an old chair and a fireplace mantle,
3) the dump part of the landfill to get rid of the old fireplace parts,
4) Walmart to get two more clear storage bins for winter clothes and Erica "crap"
5) load the truck for ToC on Saturday.

busy busy busy!

I keep repeating a quote I heard a while ago,
"If you had to move tomorrow, would you really want to take it with you?"
If the truthful answer is no, then out it goes.
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I went to The Book Thing in Baltimore this morning.
I donated 2 full boxes of books and only brought home 6 new books.

I am verra verra proud of myself!


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