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This is because I am going to rid our basement of a black office chair in near perfect condition that no one sits in but was purchased from a U.S. guv-ern-mint surplus sale 15 years ago...because it was cheap.

My house is full of "but it was such a great deal I couldn't leave it behind!"

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I finished organizing and cleaning the worst of the club room side of the basement.

My sewing table is clean and all the fabric scraps, yardage and thread spools are corralled in their proper homes again. I still need to do a MAJOR clear out of the shelves and bins in my work area but for now I can find most everything I need without too much effort.

My linen is washed and I found my research bits again for the camicia I'm making. I also need to put the paperwork for this project in a binder so I won't lose it again. It's a little late in the game for THAT bit of foolishness.

I'm still sorting out costume accessory bits as I find them. My SCA jewelry is all over the place.

It's coming together slowly but surely and I feel better for it.
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Yes in three days I've cleaned and pitched more stuff. I'm now in the basement getting ready to start straightening and sorting there. I do actually have to do this so I can work unencumbered on my 12th night outfit.

[ profile] bdeb and [ profile] isenglass you have been good influences what with the 7 day challenge you put to each other. I'm not doing quite the same thing as you did but I am looking at my older clutter differently now. I've decided I don't REALLY need to keep that stuff as much as I thought I did. I've now moved out 4 copy paper boxes and two (2)* large paper shopping bags worth of stuff in the past week. Sad thing is most of it is extra dishes, kitchen stuff, and small but useful junk. I don't count the bags of trash as I should have been ditching this all along anyway. No brownie points for trash.

Today saw me gathering up artwork that I want to keep but was lying about leaning on things and wrapping it neatly in brown paper to store in the basement. This made me feel much better about storing it properly. Being in the wrapping will keep it clean and safe. I also noted on the wrapping just what picture was inside.

Last year I went on-line to a company that sells mailing and packaging supplies and purchased a 30lb roll of brown paper. Mainly I did this for making patterns because I found buying the small rolls at Wally World was becoming expensive. When it arrived it was one HONKING big roll of paper but I've since used it for a lot of stuff. It was well worth the price, which by the square foot was considerably less expensive than the small rolls.

I'm also sorting out the Barony trappings that I must inventory by the end of the year. So many little things to keep track of.

Well, I'd better get moving. I just turned around and took another look at the mayhem that is my sewing area. I haven't cleaned it up yet from my Bright Hills "TNT" event sewing. It ain't doing it itself.

See ya!

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