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So as I start to remember what went on....

I was taken to the Bright Hills pavilion where the vigil room was set up. Her Highness Rowan Berran McDowell washed my hands while Jeanmaire held the bowl. I cannot for the life of me remember what she said to me but it was something about symbolizing my old life being washed away and my new life beginning?going on vigil )

This being the 2nd part and I am teary eyed yet again and will tell more later.
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Your friends and family are giggling wildly when you are not around. The saga continues )

I'm still getting teary eyed as I sit here and type so I will take a bit to gather my wits again.
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Remember when I said I was feeling out of sorts yesterday? Well there was a reason. I think I may have been channeling all the frantic activity of my friends and family.

Yesterday at Storvik Novice Tourney their Majesties Valharic and Arielle set me on vigil for the Order of the Laurel.

I had NO idea what-so-ever because everything that went on was what we usually do at an event. We bring pavilions, we bring enough food to feed an army and all the usual folks were there.

Absolutely Everyone, and apparently this was no small group, kept the secret.

I'll post more as my brain sorts out all the data.


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