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Let's See What We Can Do in 2010!

I don't make resolutions. Most are of the unrealistic sort. I'd rather just make a list and try to plow through it. So I am going to repost my "to do" list at the top of my journal and strike them out as I get them done.

Projects Planned for 2010:
*cut off machine stitched hem and hand sew a new hem on an old wimple.
*make new leather shoes
*Make 3 silk wimples
*Make 2 new linen barbetts. Tweak the pattern though.
started 05/08*continue working on the later period Turkish embroidery piece I have started.
started 03/02/09 *continue work on my new Elizabethan book cover project.
I want to make a real linen table cloth and napkins to use.
*finish my first pair of nalbinded socks and start another pair.
*finish the pearling on my New Byzantine outfit.
*make the Lorenzo Lotto portrait pumpkin/Lucretia dress.
This is a gown I've wanted for 20 years. I've now got the silk for the gown and friends who said they would help me pattern out the bodice,
*finish a new Laurel hood. I've got the linen and the buttons purchased.
*refurbish my elevation cloak. It needs a new lining and cloak closure.
*continue work on my A&S 50 Challenge project of making 50 bone, antler or ivory items.
*continue work on the new baronial cloaks.
*Make a new 12th century gown.
Got the Material, Got the Pattern worked out. Now I need to do it. I've wanted this dress for quite a while and I will have it. Maybe a couple of different styles too.

Projects Completed:
*2 pairs of fingerless mittens, one for me and I gave the 2nd pair away to Duchess Simone because she spoke up first! :-)
*Knitted shopping bag in cotton yarn.
*Fingerless mittens for The Knight.
*Draw string summer purse in cotton yarn with tiny little fuzzy poofs along the yarn.

*Kumihimo and Fingerloop braid medallion cords for Kingdom.
*Laurel cloak for Mistress Blitha of Wulfhau. YAYYYY!!!!
*Knit pouch in wool for Lord Janyn Fletcher.
*Small, wallet sized pouch in gold with green border in nalbinding for me this time.
*Smocked apron from the Luttrell Psalter. 08/05

Repaired Items:
Sole of yellow linen hose, hand sewn replacement.

To remind me-
January - Twelfth Night 2010: 1492-1600
April - Spring Coronation 2010: pre-1000
May - Spring Crown Tournament 2010: 1000-1250
October - Fall Coronation 2010: 1250-1492
November - Fall Crown Tournament 2010: 1492-1600

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