Jan. 21st, 2010

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Actually I am. But I've just been lazy about posting. :-)

This month I have been knitting fingerless mittens. Nothing exciting or complicated. Just a simple rectangle in stockinette, slightly fitted, folded in half, sewn up to the thumb, then down to the thumb to leave a hole for said thumb. Done!

I made a pair for me and had half a ball of yarn left, so I made a second pair and gave them away cause' I only wanted one pair in any particular color of yarn. I am now knitting a pair for The Knight who saw the pairs I had already made and said "make a pair for me?" Fortunately I found a loverly ball of camel/tan baby alpaca that I had on hand (ar ar ar knitting humor)and have been knitting away. Last night I started them and am 2/3 of the way through the first mitten already. He will have soft fuzzy goodness by the weekend.

Due to the size of The Knights hands, being a guy, I may or may not have enough yarn left on the ball to make a second pair. I already know who I will give the 2nd pair to if this is the case. Stay tuned and be surprised!

I should be working on new Persian garb but I am not. Slacker! I did advise someone on Persian garb this month and if she is able to make hers I will live vicariously through her new garb and just wear my old Persian outfit.

The barony is being prepared for the process of polling for my replacement. It's about a 7 month process and the time is quickly sneaking up on us. I step down Feb. of 2011. As I've been telling folks, "I feel a cough coming on and may need to take in the waters at Lourdes"

So there it is the start of 2010. Stay tuned for more foolishness and mayhem.


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