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As well as the clearing of the project basket has been going, I must stop to work on a gift.

A lady at work will be a grandmother soon. I used to work with her daughter who is having the baby. My stoppage on the OP basket is to knit a couple of baby things for her baby.

First will be a little garter stitch kimono style sweater on page 61 from the book "Simple Knits For Cherished Babies" by Erika Knight, Collins & Brown, 2008. It is knit in one piece and then sewn up the side seams.

I'm knitting the sweater in Spud & Chloe, Fine Sock, superwash 80% wool/20%silk, color #7807, which is a very pale pink. There were many yarn choices and then I thought...hmmmm...superwash. I know I'd appreciate being able to machine wash a sweater rather than hand wash AND have a new baby.

The sweater is supposed to close with ribbons tied in the back. WTF? Dressing a wiggly baby, flipping them over to manipulate ties in the back to close the sweater? Ummmm, no. So I will do as the ladies at the "Knitting Addiction" shop did and close the one side of the sweater with a small button on the inside and pretty button on the outside. With the outside button being big enough to not be a choking hazard and still be stylish.

I was also assured by the ladies at "Knitting Addiction" that I would have enough yarn left over from the two skeins to also knit a pair of matching socks.

When I had babies and others in my family had babies I did not know how to knit. Now I do and I can make these things and die from the cute!
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