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I've moved on from "Day of Dance" in Jan., Baronial Birthday in Feb. and KASF in March, on to my latest Sooper Sekrit Projekt.,

It is fully constructed and now the embroidery work begins in ernest. I'm very excited about this project as it is pretty cool. Even I don't own one of these. A definite case of the cobbler going barefoot! LOL! I can't say anything specific just yet but will post pictures when the time comes.

I've wanted to do a project like this for quite sometime and this opportunity gave me the chance. The best part? I was given free reign with only a deadline. Money was no object! MWA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Okay maybe money was a little bit of an object but I donated the wool and someone else donated the rest.

So back to work as it ain't makin' itself!

It's done!

Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:01 pm
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Sooper Sekrit Project is finished, pressed, bagged, and ready to deliver tomorrow night.

Peektures later.
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The Sooper Sekrit Projeckt is moving along and I should be finished tonight.

[ profile] ladygriele are you still going this weekend? If yes then....
Would you be willing to take it for me? If yes then...
Can I come by your house tomorrow after work and drop it off? If yes then...
I'd get to your place around 6PM.

hehehe! :-)
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Since I can't show you photos of the SSP I'm working on now I will show you photos from the previous SSP that I made with [ profile] alina_s.

We made the handwashing towel for [ profile] jljonsn's elevation to the Order of the Laurel at Storvik's Novice Tourney in July.

Alina handwove the towel in linen and I embroidered the laurel wreath.
Alina, never fear, I'm burning a CD with more photos for you or you can steal these.

The towel is in fact white, not orange, but to get the white on white embroidery detail I had to make the lighting wonky. And I did indeed iron out the embroidery hoop mark before I gave it. :-) cut cause i luv peektures )
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So peeps your intrepid embroiderer once again sets aside one project to make another project.

You shouldn't be surprised, so you, in the back, stop snickering!

No....this time it's not because I said "Ooooo shiney!" Though it might classify as such.
Nope, I'm making an uber cool gift but unfortunately it's a surprise this time so you'll have to wait just a little bit so that it can be given first. I do promise to take photos when I'm done and post them in a couple of weeks.

I've got the rolled hem done, the design laid out, and the stitching started. It will be on linen ground, with white linen stem stitching. I really like it and am happy to be making it.

I hope they like it. :-)


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